The Prom We Never Had: Royal Court

  • Holiday Inn 450 Main Street Dubuque, IA, 52001 United States


APRIL 22 - Holiday Inn - Dubuque, IA - 8pm-1:30am

Tickets: $10 Pre-sale, $20 at Door, $30 at Door for couples.


  • -Non-Heteronormative ROYAL COURT-

Seeking 4 Candidates to be crowned: 

Prom King & King 

Prom Queen & Queen




2 Youth Candidate to be crowned as:

Prom Princess 

Prom Prince 



Send in a 2-3 minute video on why you should be Prom King/Queen/Prince/Princess and a headshot, which will be used for candidate postings.

1. All royal court candidates videos will be voted on a poll, as the first contest. All voters will be tallied and totaled for later challenges. Poll will be posted by Co Dubuque. Poll will end April 21.

2. Ticket sales contest. This is a fundraiser for pride and you want the crown... The more tickets you sell, the more points you get toward winning as a Prom Royal.

3. Royal-Battle-For-Your-Life. You get 15 seconds to work the Yellow Brick Road.

Your fellow Prom attendee’s (“Students”) will be your judges and vote for who was fiercest.


  • All contestants will be added and totaled for the winning top 6 Royals of Dubuque, and Rightfully Crowned.
  • All winning Royals will be Receiving a mystery Prize.


                              APPLY at:


A Co DUBUQUE Fundraiser for PRIDE