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Welcome to Co-ZINE, a monthly publication brought to you by  

Co Dubuque.


Co Dubuque is a new organization that was created in Dubuque, Iowa in

February 2016 to support the local and regional LGBTQ and ally

communities, becoming an official Iowa nonprofit on July 6th 2016.  Co

Dubuque has been very successful in hosting events and promoting the

regions diverse LGBTQ+ community. So much so, that it has rapidly

expanded to be able to create a monthly Co-ZINE.



Co Dubuque has taken its next big step to move the community and

region forward, by offering a monthly publication, Co-ZINE.  Co-ZINE is

an online magazine featuring stories that cover a range of LGBTQ+

issues, including local events, history, current affairs, and voices from the

Tri-State community as we promote throughout the Iowa, Illinois and

Wisconsin regions.


The magazines are available at to view on our website, or

for download.  The magazine will also be distributed via email to a

subscription list.  The magazine will also be available through the Co

Dubuque Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram


Co Dubuque promotes the Tri-State area and has a large and continuously

growing following.


Reasons to advertise in the Co-ZINE magazine.


LGBTQ+ Buying Power:

The total buying power of the adult U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual,

transgender and queer population is projected at $830 billion (2013

est., Source: Witeck Communications and


Targeted market:

Marketing and advertising to LGBTQ consumers, through advertising in

LGBTQ media, using LGBTQ messages in non-LGBTQ media, or

sponsoring LGBTQ events, constitute the most direct way businesses can

communicate to LGBTQ+ consumers. We also successfully market to

our allied community and work closely with the community as a whole.


LGBTQ+ consumers cross with many other diverse segments in terms

age, race/ethnicity, gender, ability and so on. Accordingly, the messages

used and how those messages portray LGBTQ consumers demonstrate

the depth of a business & understanding of and serious commitment to the

LGBTQ consumer.


Your company’s bottom line:

Advertising: Event and conference sponsorship can provide businesses

with targeted audiences that can assist their bottom line. For example,

businesses that support LGBTQ pride celebrations in particular cities can

establish local connections with LGBTQ consumers.


Co Dubuque's Website Numbers - Added November 2016

Co Dubuque's Website Numbers - Added November 2016

Just the numbers:

The Co Dubuque website and its Facebook & other social

media sites are some of the fastest growing sites in the region.  The Co-

ZINE is available on those sites to offer more in-depth and

interesting content internationally.  Below is evidence of our website growth.  The

audience size represents individual viewers, visits, page views and our general audience size.   As you can

see we have many individuals viewing our website monthly and growing as we've expanded with our international networks.  



Referrers per month

September 21st, 2016

September 21st, 2016

Top Website Pages -  October 2016 - After Co-ZINE launch.

Top Website Pages -  October 2016 - After Co-ZINE launch.

Weekly growth: 

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.00.31.png


Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.16.04.png

Devices and Operating Systems that visit our site

Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.41.07.png
Screenshot 2016-09-28 13.36.35.png


For questions on pricing, or to learn more about Co Dubuque and the Co-ZINE please contact us at:

Monique Demerise Sales director (563)542-9890



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Luis Morteo



Vice President:

Cindy Lewis




Darren Oaks



  1. Co catalyzes and sustains educational events, socials, affirming experiences, and networks for the region's diverse LGBTQ+ and ally community.