About Co.

Co is a community network of passionate people who want to catalyze and sustain an affirming community for LGBTQ+ community members and families. Below are a few of our Co Volunteers who dedicate their skills, talents, and resources to the network.




Luis J. Morteo

Founder of Co Dubuque and originally from Dubuque, seeks like minded individuals who share in the vision of connecting the LGBTQ+ communities and making them stronger. Luis’ experiences and passion around this work have been influenced by his time in Chicago, working in Fashion and visits to many LGBTQ+ communities through-out 46 U.S. States. He is back in Dubuque and is striving to re-establish a solid LGBTQ+ community in Dubuque, IA, where anyone can be safe, informed, and respected.


Cindy Lewis

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Cindy was misgendered at birth and found who she truly was. After moving to Dubuque, Iowa, Cindy was able to express and become the strong woman she is today. She was inspired to help develop the creation that has become Co Dubuque, in order to help give back to the community that gave so much to her. Every day she aspires to build a strong community in Dubuque, as well as assist those in need of assistance within the community.


Darren Oakes

Shortly after moving to attend college in town, I’d fallen in love with the friendliness and charm of Dubuque. While enrolled at Loras, I had the pleasure of participating in LGBTQ+-oriented events hosted by the college, but upon graduation and my subsequent move back to Dubuque permanently, I’d discovered such events lacking. Since the founding of Co Dubuque, all of that has changed. Since having been offered the opportunity for weekly get-togethers, educational seminars, and pride events once unoffered in this city, I have decided to take a greater role in the group in order to give back to the community in a manner that is important to myself and those who Co supports.

As the Secretary for Co Dubuque, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest, most passionate people I could ever meet; in fact, it is thanks to some of them that the organization even exists today. Dubuque was ready for an LGBTQ+ organization that was ready to serve the unique Dubuque community, and leaders such as Luis Morteo, Cindy Lewis, and Antonio Pirillo have helped bring us all together in an engaging, educational, and inspiring sort of way.






Andie Donnan


Shane Norton

Born in North Dakota; raised in Dubuque. At age 17, they discovered they were Genderqueer, who enjoys art, modeling, socializing and helping with the LGBTQ+ community as a member of Dubuque Multicultural Family Center LGBTQ+ Youth network and  Co Dubuque volunteer. Co Dubuque is family. We work to help each other, those around us.





Tracie Wilson



Sara Post




Dave Wetter



Travis Nelson